Gavin conferences welcomes participants from all over the world to attend the "International conference on Pharmaceutics, Pharmacognosy and Medicinal Plants"with the theme of " Advances and Challenges in Pharmaceutics and pharmacognosy studies" which is to be held from November 25-26, 2019 at Rome, Italy

Pharmaceutics 2019 aims to explore Pharmaceutics, Drug Delivery Systems and its applications in the development of healthcare products and clinical trails along with pharmacognosy studies of natural drugs. Pharmaceutics and pharmacognosy-2019 sessions cover all aspects of Biopharmaceuticals, Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Analysis, Innovation of Drug Delivery Technologies and Clinical Trials Protocol, Clinical Trials on Different Diseases, Clinical Trial Phases, along with Natural Products of Medicinal Interest, Traditional Medicine, Formulation and Manufacture of Plant Medicines.

Pharmaceutics and pharmacognosy-2019 will create a great platform to researches, Pharmacists and Pharmacy Technicians, scientists, academicians and industry experts to share experiences, discuss research findings and acquire the desired knowledge for practical exercise.

Importance and scope:

Pharmaceutical and pharmacognosy Sciences has wide scope in the world, thus has a vast and growing pharmaceutical industry and therapeutics. Increasing number of hospitals, nursing homes and pharmaceuticals companies all over the world is a clear indication of the growing scope in this area. clinical research is related to the effectiveness and testing of medications, diagnostic products, medical devices and treatment procedures for human use. These can be used for a disease’s treatment, prevention, diagnosis or for relief. Clinical research refers to the comprehensive bibliography of biology, drugs, and devices Also, there many widespread diseases and ailments here, which makes it important to conduct clinical research trials here for the field of pharmaceutics.

Why to attend

This is the best opportunity to outreach the largest gathering of participants from around the world and, update knowledge about the current trends of Pharmaceutics, Pharmacognosy studies and Clinical trials. World-eminent speakers, most recent researches and the advanced updates in pharmaceutics, clinical trials and pharmacognosy studies are the principal features of this conference

Target Audience:

Pharmacists and Pharmacy Technicians, Academicians and Scientists , Medical Colleges and universities , Pharmaceutical Industries, Pharmaceutical laboratories and associations, Pharmacognosy laboratories and associations, Healthcare Institutions Research & Clinical Laboratories, Biomedical Companies, Biotechnology Companies, Biotechnology Companies, Medical Devices and Manufacturing Companies, Public and Private Physicians, Regulatory and Clinical Scientists, Clinical Pharmacologists, Clinical Toxicologists, Molecular and Cellular Pharmacologists.